Sundays Year A

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This piece from Sunday Plus is excellent- by Noel Donnelly. We changed it to a child's perspective by having a little boy who invited the new twins (a girl and a boy) in his class back to his house. The kids got very into deciding what he should feed them - we had lots of suggestions of types of juice, food and we possibly added what games they would play when arriving ?
However the juice and food discussion was great and the text here really works out well about "Because you're OK as you are and your father loves you as you are" - these are quite difficult ideas to get across but this worked well !  (Now pass me a Coke Zero....!!)

I think we should maybe try and buy this book - Noel Donnelly "Your Bible: every Catholic's essential companion"

16th Sunday Year A

The Wheat and the Darnel

The interesting thing about this gospel is that there was a weed called Darnel which was easily confused with Wheat seedlings.
In the gospel Jesus in the parable talks about coexistence of good and evil. The overzealous servant wants to remove darnel from the field, but his experienced master stops him. He knows that the likeness of both plants makes it risky to remove one of them. The plants will differ more distinctly when ready to harvest. So the weed is kept in the field for the safety of the wheat.
Does this mean that he is saying we have the choice what we become ?
Or does it mean that he values each one of us so doesnt want to risk uprooting a young wheat seedling ?

17th Sunday Year A
Another parable - the hidden treasure and the pearl.
This lead to a lot of discussion and again the parable can really lead onto a variety of discussions.
Looking at the simple words of the parable itself and trying in your mind to re-enact or even get the children to act out the great excitement of digging and finding the treasure or the man finding the pearl. However in both cases he has to restrain that excitement and go off and do what needs to be done ie go and save or sell off things to buy the field or to save up to buy the pearl. So he has to earn that greater treasure. So for us we need to give up our smaller treasures (the children can think of what those might be for them) in order to achieve the even greater treasure of the Kingdom of Heaven (on earth in God's Joy and in heaven when finally joining God's kingdom)

We found some children struggled with the idea of God's Grace and God's Mercy but I think a good introduction to these are the words God's Forgiveness and God's Goodness which are slightly easier terms that the Liturgy book uses. However for the older ones its good to begin to explain some of the more complicated ideas !

18th Sunday - Year A

Jesus actually wants us to gain a greater understanding and belief so for this reason he didnt follow the suggestion of letting the people go and find food but fed them himself via the loaves and fishes. But was what really happened that people then sat down and shared out their own provisions that they had brought with one another. They were no longer worried and saving their food but happy to believe and put their trust in Jesus and share what they had ? 

19th Sunday - Year B
Some bidding prayers.

Topically, the news from the Sea of Galilee at the moment is that currently fishing is banned on the sea of Galilee in an attempt to revive dwindling fish stocks, including the fish named "St Peters Fish" ?

Dear Jesus
Please help the fishermen of the Sea of Galilee today. Help them to look after the Sea of Galilee so that the fish return in large numbers so that they can start fishing again.
Lord Hear Us

Dear Jesus,
Help us to put our trust in you.
Lord Hear Us 
Dear Jesus
Please protect the fishermen who find us fish to eat in seas that are often dangerous
Lord Hear Us

Dear Jesus
Thank you for giving us enough food to eat.
We pray for people who do not have enough to eat.
Lord Hear Us
Dear Jesus
Help us to look after the seas to protect the fish and all the other wonderful sea creatures.
Lord Hear Us

21st Sunday Year A
Can be interesting to think what the answers to the question might be if we all were to ask our friends and family "Who do people say I am" ? Do you think they would say you are a good friend ? or a helpful nice person ? Lets hope so.

22nd Sunday
Some bidding prayers :

Please help us to always choose to do the right thing even when it is difficult.
Lord Hear Us

Please help us all to follow God’s Way.
Lord Hear Us

Please help us to keep trying to live as Jesus taught us.
Lord Hear Us

We pray for the children in M..... Primary School as they go back for a new school year.
Lord Hear Us