Wednesday, 27 July 2011

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Hopefully we can gather our best ideas here. If you email our group with any ideas then we can add them here. The links to particular Sundays are found on the right.

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September 2012
We are very pleased to have received a month's trial supply of the excellent "Look" Sunday newsletter/worksheet for children by Redemptorist Publications to try out - let us know what the children think of these.

For Lent 2012

This is interesting for some background reading

July 2011
We have been asked by the welcomers to keep making sure we have two of the older children and an adult ready to do the Offertory as I think we have missed this on a couple of occassions.


There is some information at the Scottish Catholic Education Service website about the New Translation and a downloadable Mass Response card.

May 2011
I just found these interesting photographs on flickr of a trip to the Holy Land - pages 45 and 46 show photographs of shepherds in the fields in Bethlehem and on the actual "Shepherds Field" where the shepherds saw the angel. Fantastic photographs.